AutoDoc DMS
Product Overview

AutoDoc is a powerful Document Management System which is remarkable for its ease of use and rich features. Innovative archiving, managing, indexing and retrieving features make this software one of its kind. Web access to documents adds another dimension to the software.

Client Server communication through WCF technology makes the software robust and quick.
Underlying Concept

AutoDoc works with the concept of a repository which is the combination of a database and a Volume. While the database stores the metadata the volume has the actual documents in it.

While the database like SQL may be on one machine the actual documents might be in a volume at another location. Database stores all the metadata and volumes are assigned to the departments by the administrator.
Key Features

Document Input
  • Scanning parameters can be saved so that the parameters don’t need to be selected for each scanning operation.
  • Documents can be scanned as multi page JPEG files and converted into multi page searchable pdf files.
  • Scanning properties can be set as per the wishes of the user and duplex scanning is also possible.
  • Barcode can be captured.
  • Machine Print gets captured.
  • Documents can be converted into searchable pdf files, The pdf files are with PDF\A format which is an industry standard.
  • Files having any extension can be uploaded.
  • Documents can be saved right from MS Office into the software.
  • Emails from MS Outlook can be captured.
  • Document templates for scanning can be utilized.
  • Files from other locations can be imported into the software which will automatically get indexed while getting imported.
  • A word file can be opened from within the AutoDoc software.
  • Size of volumes can be controlled so that they can be copied onto CDs and DVDs conveniently at a later stage.

  • Indexing system with custom index fields comes very handy for the users.
  • Iindexing, options like Before, After, Later and None can be used for indexing at the time of scanning. Options like 'Later' can be useful to those organizations who outsource their indexing work.
  • Automatic Indexing while importing.
  • Automatic full content indexing for electronic and scanned documents.

Search and Retrieval
  • Retrieval is quick and convenient.
  • Search options and output results can be configured.
  • Search can be based on keywords, text and metadata.
  • Conditions can be put for a particular search.
  • Search results are highlighted for matching keywords.
  • Searches can be made based on dates, keywords, and the written text in the document.

Document Storage
  • Electronic filing cabinets are used to store documents.
  • Tree structure for repositories, folders, sub-folders and files can be made by the user.
  • Users can add folders according to the rights provided to them.
  • Security can be provided at the repository, folder or document level.
  • Access can be allowed and denied according to rights provided to users, roles and groups.
  • Meta data security is also provided.
  • AD Authentication is included.
  • Users can view, add, modify or delete according to the rights provided to them.


A powerful backup system ensures that your data remains safe in case of a virus attack or system crash.