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Multiple User  -  AUTOREC CPS
Product Overview

The AutoRec - forms and cheque processing system (CPS) automates the data capturing process of banks by providing automated forms (loan, credit card and opening account forms) and cheque/pay-in-slip processing systems using ICR/OCR technology.

Together, with archiving images for later retrieval it provides a complete solution to meet the demands of today's banking process.
Application Scenarios for a Core Banking System Cheque/Slip Processing : Outward
Here we take a look at how the system would participate in automating the outward process (processing of pay in slips, cheques, application documents) for differnet banking scenarios.
More about Autorec CPS
The system is an automated cheque processing and clearing Solution for the requirements of branches/Service Branches/Bank Clearing houses and is typically suited for services having volumes of 2,000 cheques and above per day. The Solution suite consists of High Speed Inward data capturing using ICR technology and Clearing verification.

The pay in slips, cheques and application documents are scanned in bulk and sent to the recognition server of the Automated Cheque Processing System .The recognition server captures data from every document scanned as per the designed fields using ICR/OCR technology. The recognized data is sent to the banks encoder that performs Company wise sorting and capturing/encoding of the MICR band from cheques as required. The system could also capture MICR band to perform verification cheques with the encoder.
Cheque Processing : Inward
Here we take a look at how the system would participate in automating the Inward process by capturing data from in coming cheques from the RBI clearing house.