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Multiple User  -  AUTOREC IRIS
Product Overview

For high volume data capture AutoRec Enterprise can be installed on a wide area network. Multiple scanning stations and proofreading stations can be located at diverse geographical locations, while the recognition and designing happens on a centralized server. AutoRec Enterprise is designed for enterprise level solutions, processing from several thousand to hundreds of thousands of documents each day.

AutoRec Enterprise is a multifaceted data capturing software. It incorporates five recognition technologies. In addition to handwriting recognition, It can recognize machine print, ticks, crosses, marks and barcodes. AutoRec Enterprise also is capable of cropping photographs and signatures from a document.


Scanned images get uploaded onto a central server. Central server reads the images and sends the recognized text back to a proofreading station which might be located anywhere in the world. After proofreading the corrected data gets sent to a central server and can be made available in any format.The data is compressed and encrypted through hardware key thus utilizing least bandwidth.
System Flow