Product Overview


It’s a revolutionary product or you can call it the avant-garde of the software field. Autorec xtapose is a first of a kind product which can compare original contracts or documents to a scanned image of that document.

Autorec xtapose is currently used by banks in their treasury operations where the original forward contract send to a customer is verified by xtapose for even a change of a comma in the signed and delivered document.


The software eliminates the need to manually check physical documents that come back from the customer after signing.


The software makes sure that the returned document or agreement is intact both in letter and spirit.


The software’s viewer is intuitively designed to show missing, modified or deleted text in different colours so that mismatches can be easily identified.



  • Excellent tool to mitigate your risk from fraud.
  • First of its kind software to compares word and PDF documents to Scanned TIFF and JPG Images.
  • Can be used in varied sectors. Banks, Legal Firms, Insurance Companies, Real Estate and so on
  • Save upto 85% of man-hours thus increasing overall productivity
  • Save companies millions of dollors by detecting changes made to fool the company.
  • Simple to use even for users with minimum computer knowledge.