AutoRec UCP (Automated capture solution for US Health Claim Processing)

Product Overview


AutoRec UCP built-in workflow automates the data extraction process of CMS 1500 form and enables validation of every field as set by CMS (Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services ). We help organizations to be HIPPA compliant by giving greater control on the entire claims processing effort. AutoRec UCP has reduced TAT for claims processing by as much as 3-5 times.

By automating the processing of medical claims, organizations can increase operational productivity without the need to add headcount. Since claims forms are complex, with hundreds of fields to review and process accurately, automated data extraction and intuitive validation steps help speed forms processing. Additionally, bringing claims processing in-house provides greater control, process visibility and HIPAA compliance over the entire process.

How does the AutoRec UCP Claims Processing Solution Works

  • Document Classification
    The software detects claims forms automatically from even multipage TIFF or PDF files.
  • Data Capture and Extraction
    • The solution uses upto 4 OCR engines to capture data from the claims forms and our sophisticated voting algorithm votes for the best result thus improving overall OCR results manifold. The system is designed to handle any DPI of images and multiple registration points make OCR zones very precise.

    The system is designed to auto compare and validate the captured results including looking up the NPI database.
  • Data Validation
    • The validation stations are designed very Intuitively for helping the operator to reject repair with the fastest speed possible. The system goes through a Maker/Checker process before the data can be directly uploaded into the claims processing system.


Benefits of AutoRec UCP:

  • Decrease in Over TAT:
    Autorec UCP has a proven track record for reducing the TAT by 3-5 times. Reduce your data entry cost.

  • Eliminate Claim losses:
    In accurate payments due to data entry errors are a thing of the past. The system has checks and balances in place to eliminate such errors.

  • Flexible Engagement Model:
    We work with our customers in Capex or an Opex module whereby ROI is immediate and justified.

  • Scalable Platform:
    The system is highly scalable which can handle hundreds of thousands of claim per day. Ideal for BPO’s carrying out claims processing solutions for their clients.